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Why children should play basketball with lighter balls

For an 8-year-old child, shooting a basketball successfully is often a challenge. This is especially true if a standard full-size basketball is being used. In these situations, children often have trouble propelling the ball to the height of the ring, let alone getting it through the hoop.

Given that lowering the net height is not possible on many basketball courts, reducing the size of the ball is the next best solution to increase children’s likelihood of success.

Jose Arias and colleagues observed a cohort of intermediately skilled children play basketball with three different types of balls:

  1. A lighter ball – 440 g
  2. A regulation ball – 485 g
  3. A heavier ball – 540 g

The key findings are outlined below.

When children played with the lighter ball, as compared to the other 2 balls, there was:

1. More dribbling & passing

2. More shots  & greater success

3. More lay-ups

4. More one-on-one situations

Ultimately, a lighter ball affords children the opportunity to perform skills that may otherwise not be possible.

The next step for basketball authorities is to develop rings for schools that are easily adjustable. A lighter ball combined with a lower ring should produce a style of basketball more akin to what we see on TV!


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