Tim Buszard

Research fellow at Victoria University and Tennis Australia. Tim is an avid golfer who, unfortunately, shows no sign of learning from his mistakes on the course!

Guest Contributors

James Rudd

Senior Lecturer in Physical Education at Liverpool John Moores University and an Adjunct Researcher at Victoria University. James went to Melbourne for a four month holiday with the intention of learning to surf and getting a suntan. He returned to the UK five years later with a PhD…. but still can’t surf and is paler than ever!

Victoria Brackley

PhD candidate in swimming biomechanics and skill acquisition at Victoria University and Swimming Australia. Although a big sports fan, Victoria prefers spectating and sun-tanning rather than playing herself… but will never refuse to challenge anyone to a game of lawn bowls.

Peter Le Noury

PhD candidate at Victoria University holding a working partnership with Tennis Australia. Peter competed in a large range of sports in the hope that he might eventually find one that he can be good enough to turn pro in. If a sport is ever invented that combines guitar, singing and ball sports, please let him know.




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